Wednesday, December 2, 2015

About how much should a good pest control program for a home here in Seattle cost?

Homeowners in the Seattle area that are faced with ants and other pests often are torn between the idea of dealing with pests themselves or paying for the services of a pest control professional to exterminate the ants, roaches or other pests. While it's true that hiring a professional pest control company is usually more expensive than purchasing DIY products, choosing to hire a professional typically means saving in the long run. Rates for hiring a pest control company can vary, but this guide provides some average figures that homeowners can refer to when weighing their options for pest removal.

Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of pest control services in Seattle varies based on a number of factors, including:

- Size of Infestation. Larger infestations will cost more to exterminate due to the need for more materials and labor.

- Location of Infestation. When infestations are in difficult to access areas, more work will be required, resulting in higher rates.

- Extent of Damage Caused by Infestation. Seattle pest control companies may perform repairs when pests have caused damage to a structure. The extent of the damage will determine how difficult the repairs are to make and what materials need to be used, both of which impact the cost.

Average Rates for Pest Control in Seattle

The type of pests that need to be exterminated will also impact the cost of pest control services in Seattle. The following are the average rates charged for different pests that are commonly found in the Seattle area. Keep in mind that costs may be higher or lower depending on the factors outlined above:

- Ant pest control typically costs an average of $125 to $175

- Rodent pest control typically costs an average of $85 to $135

- Spider pest control typically costs an average of $125 to $175

- Wasp and hornet pest control typically costs an average of $75 and $200

- Flea pest control typically costs an average of $125 to $175

Average Maintenance Costs

Typically, pest control companies in the Seattle area will recommend ongoing maintenance to help reduce the risk of pests returning. Most often, maintenance is performed on a quarterly basis with homeowners being billed four times per year or once annually for four services. The cost for quarterly pest control maintenance services in Seattle is usually somewhere between $85 and $125 per treatment. Some pest control companies may provide a discount off the cost of each service for homeowners that choose to pay for an entire year's worth of treatments at once or who sign a contract that guarantees that all four quarterly pest control treatments will be completed.

Homeowners looking for pest control services in the Seattle area who want to be assured that they are being charged fair rates for pest removal can contact AM/PM Exterminators. Serving the entire Seattle area, AM/PM Exterminators is a family-owned and operated, fully licensed pest control company that provides extermination services for all types of pests with competitive prices for both initial treatments and follow-up maintenance. 

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